dried  drips , sloughed off addictions, finely shaved fully formed scales of diseased ridden questions and  doubts, having exasperated the simplicity of the  honesty of reality to the point of my near extinction, they, They  are now the dead and forgotten who flake off, crumpled and defeated onto the dirt.

no longer do I wear their bruises, my breath no longer bound, my mind no longer chocked from distracting tortures.  These scrapes of  rotten clothes  the devil tries to house you in are no longer wearing on my bones.  The truth is the fear for demons – it shatters their existence that anchor souls  to  trite and pitiful but effective deceptions.

and then it happened. The last tie that bound me to slavery was severed,  ultimately destroyed by an angel who crossed my path,  a counselor of truth who  answered a simple but extremely important question.  And because it came from an honest and truly sincere heart….check mate, that game was won, this game was over- I was set free.

no longer does the devil’s curse cloud around me or surround me wearing me down,

dragging me deeper into his darkness, the blackness of a sea heavy with confusion, an illusion encompassing the isolating disease of conformity the human world seems so eager to join-the loss of individuality, morality, valor, honor, unbridled creative passion and ultimately the freedom most humans simply don’t understand, they aren’t experiencing, aren’t living, who are in-fact- denying of themselves.

I was given a gift, a priceless possession that will never fade, never rust, never go out of style, can never be stolen, never be lost nor given away, it will never die, it will never cease to be, it can never be  quieted nor forgotten nor jailed nor drowned. The devil has no power over it, “FOR HE WHO IS IN YOU IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.” (1 John 4:1-4)…

but this I do not take lightly for it is something to be constantly and fiercely  on guard about,   the corruption within human hearts, the evil within unseen forces will never quit attacking you, trying rock your confidence.  The yearning to learn more to grow further, to walk closer alongside Jesus, striving  to attain an unreachable perfection,  will keep the light burning bright within you,  it will keep the…

Truth alive.The Delicious, Magnificent Armour of Truth that is the breath of life, Gods breath, the ultimate power, the only power any of us need. And with that evil will be defeated….. and so I am reborn.



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