He said She said

With the amount of major situations active in the world today, what do some men choose to do with their freedoms which many billions of people on this planet are dying to have???

Sit around holding hands, wiping tears away,boo hoo hoooing over what name some irrelevant someone said in passing, that is in the opinion of the boo hooer,as being offensive to their individuality. Name calling that has a free pass to be used by some people, just not the  ones off of  the offendeds VIP list.

Here’s an idea….

Why don’t you all move to an island where you can sit around a fire singing kume by ya, hold hands, rub  eachothers backs, pat each others heads,  and drift off to dream land  while crying yourself to sleep over that little itty bitty name (although some people you have totally given the go ahead to use in any ol which way ) some irrelevant person floating about ignorantly in the world, said ( but how could they be called ignorant or bigot or racists or whatever, when your ok with half of the world using it??)  so  the rest of us who are struggling to eradicate real important things like poverty, illiteracy, war and disease, you know the real nitty gritty, down and dirty subjects non of you cry babies can fathom is  actually what really maters in the whole scheme of things to obliterate all indecencies, yes including the ones your claiming ……. So we can get our jobs done quicker now that the court system and airwaves aren’t overrun  and backed up by your petty petty, blah blah, he called me, she called me a this and that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BULL CRAP!n  you have to start with the foundation in order to build a strong house.

I think it’s quite interesting how women, who have been called, are being called, the most horrendous, degrading and derogatory of terms, are not the ones sitting on CNN and FOX and Larry King ect ect. nor  flooding the courts with demands that these words, and there are many, should all be banned. Further more, demanding that men and yes women should be fined outrageous sums for ever speaking them out loud again.

You can’t pick and choose …it’s get on the backs of all bad words used for  all people and lets get rid of them……If not THEN QUITE WHINING……..(it’s always the men)



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