Race -point Of America ( by a certified Non Racist)

A recent CNN panel included various advocate and civil rights groups, represented by blacks, whites, Native Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. They talked and talked in  circles, discussing  Race in America. For all of the decades and centuries past, and after fighting for and winning rights fifty years ago, these adults, who were all dressed up in titles are still thinking and thinking and wondering and fighting to figure things out.

I’d like to offer a scenario,  actually two,  one by adults one by kids: for the panel to observe and pick which one would be better for their agenda. Now of course these groups minds have to be open to see and think beyond the basics of these examples or I’m afraid they’ll all be sitting right where they are for another hundred years.

(the following example is fictitious, yet based on fact from the actual conversations on CNN)

I’m putting adults of all races, men and women, in one room, and a group of kids of all races in another.


“Id like to start the conversation by saying we need more conversations to converse upon the existing conversations right now, if we keep talking about racial discrimination and talking about it and keeping the conversation going in our schools and in the communities we can keep the conversation alive for generations, we have to keep talking about racism, it’s everywhere we look…. I’d like to add, if I may, that my organization just added 800 more programs on how to teach people about having a mature adult conversation with someone who is racist and how to deal with that kind of level of mentality in the conversation when they’re just not getting and understanding the fact that they are a racist. It’s hard to talk to someone like this and that is why  we are funding loads of money into these types of program, people need to be aware that they are racist…..

“I agree but we need to fight more. Our marches have had great turnouts. But we need to organize more and march into every small town, raising our fist, shouting for change. We need to fight and get these minds changed now. We’ve been fighting for 50 years, My Mother fought, she taught me to fight and I’m teaching my kids to fight,and to pass the fighting down to their kids.  I say we may need to fight for 50 more years until we see real change. The racist remark “predator” I hear being used, is something we have to go after and fight to abolish.”

“Hello, nice to be here thank you. Our group organizes, marches and rallies.  We’ve been rallying for decades now and just organized a sleep over that lasted for days outside of the capital. That was great but we need more rallies we need more sleep overs. We have to hit every capital. We need to go to the police stations, camp outside, for months if we have to,  until they hear our shouts and until we make every last persons mind in there aware that racism is dangerous. We need more political support, we have some politicians on our side but we need more of a political presence that will force the implementing of more and more laws about what  racism is. More and more laws and rules and regulations regulating racial thinking. Its everywhere. People don’t know they’re racist until you tell them. We need laws, we need more organizations that bring awareness, forcing people to take a look at themselves and admit to their racist internal behavior.”

” Yes I agree and what my group does is monitor the N word. We have to talk about the N word.We have to go after more *&34%%  in this  country. We have to make sure people are aware of what they say and the destructive impact their words have, not only on us today, but the ripple effect  it has on the future generations of our kids.  That’s what my group is striving for”…….SIDE NOTE  ( nothing was said about Rappers, we believe they are immune to this…Because, as mothers explained… hard earned pay earned by the very few minorities in white collar jobs, when  given to our babies for allowance, can be used to spend it on these kinds of CDs,  our brother and sister rappers need jobs to,)

And lastly,

” I’d like to remind everyone that violence and discrimination along with school illiteracy is higher than ever before. Like through the roof  as an all time high in America. There is rampant discrimination in our schools. There is violence in our communities. We’ve got to get the message out there that the killing of our kids is unacceptable. Our kids are dying. After the #4%% shooting, communities came together. We saw an outpouring of people laying wreaths, hugging and crying together. It was great seeing communities come together after this happened. Also we need more gun laws. We need to take a stand in Police stations and listen to radio reports to catch  profiling. We need to shout louder about profiling in america and save our children. We need more tools and laws about how to go about radical change.”


………after five minutes of fidgeting and checking each other out.

” why is your skin purple?

Well why is your’s orange?

cause I was born with it.

Did you come out of a tummy?

Yes…. mee toooo! You guys want to play?

The overall, overwhelmingly only idea,  these very vocal, both educated and homemaker kind of adults have to end all of this crap, is too start at the end. Not one person said anything about parents, no numbers came up about the severity and mass abuse in the home that has reached an alarming all time high in our countries history.  And these groups, all of them, doesn’t mater if they’re marching for Rainbow Bright having a birthday, are confused why their way of pointing fingers and playing the blame game  isn’t working, hasn’t worked for decades.

These groups are accomplishing everything they have said they want to do. Keeping discrimination, segregation, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance alive for future generations to fight about.

This is about all of us, each of us.  We live in America. We are human. There is going to be prejudice. History would reflect only a paradise world if it didn’t exist.  We can not go backwards to go forward. Get out of the sandbox, quit crying mommy. Go home to your family. Love starts there. Change Starts there. Dignity starts there. Support starts there. Confidence starts there. Manners start there. Politeness starts there. Selflessness starts there. Education starts there. Charity starts there. Respect for yourself and others start there.  Beautiful, clean, thriving and joyous communities begin there, you don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to have one of your own!

5 thoughts on “Race -point Of America ( by a certified Non Racist)

  1. i hear you…why does it have to be so hard…we dont ignore the differences or talk them to death…the kids acknowledged them and went on…its really not that hard…kids have an easier way of letting go or have yet to understand stereotypes which guide us as adults…


    • if no one talks in a way that keeps a negative alive, preventing positive progress, than it will cease to exist and the normal talk will become abnormal. The kids have no idea of negative words, nor that their country is at war with itself over race, hate ridiculousness. They just see another kid, with of course a normal curiosity towards their differences



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