ballerina en pointe

she likes to eat reverb off of fat faces

laced with stratagem smiles

waiving to comfort

us free slaves

so she can spit it

back out in spades

and help save the day

for the few who choose

to Believe



Hello Dverse,  Thank you for coming over to read the second poem linked for Dverse. The first line is on a mixed media project I had made awhile back, but I think it’s a fun idea and can be used  for many other expressions.



26 thoughts on “Courage

    • Thank you. Well I’m just teaching myself about types of art, aside from pencil and stippling I do. My mind needs freedom! awgh:) so I just tried collaging within a paint box with eclectic items and poetry explaining the theme. Just fun. :)


    • Thank you:) ahh just teaching myself about different kinds of art,more hands on than drawing and stippling I do. Collaging with eclectic items and using a paint box and with poetry for story. I thought back to kindergarten projects I used to do. Fun stuff for creating and freeing the mind:)



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