Flash Friday Fiction

  This was written for Flash! Friday!


The latest Friday Fiction #38 asked for a 250 word story, based upon the following image:







 Searching for Life

(250 words)

   Sarah’s thoughts were solely occupied within a delicious frenzy of excitement brought on by an invitation. A most spontaneous and wildly unexpected invitation handed to her by her own reserved, simple, loving husband. He asked if it would please her to help plan and accompany him on a journey to various destinations.

It happened as he was making his usual commute home. A secret within him confessed itself so loudly it was impossible to ignore any longer.  He was failing his own existence, living in servitude by the rigors  of  society, lingering at the club, smoking cigars, conversing in stubborn, restrictive, dull talk.  The world was progressing rapidly towards a fantastic future, richly diversifying, discovery and reinventing itself in endless possibilities. And he longed to join in. His only worry was about Sarah understanding.

Sarah’s mind was dizzy and dreaming of the cultural opulence of the East. The rich smells, feasts of color and sweet sounds of incoherent languages she had long been enchanted by from stories she read, kept tucked in her Hope chest.   Her husband must have observed her desire. He was offering to revive her oppressed soul and rescue it from a suffocating, mundane society,  freeing her existence to  finally roam unbridled through the world outside of their dictated life.

They were giddy over the maps, pointing and talking excitably and settling into a unison of fresh, exciting emotions, pouring out in a comfortable manner, happily exposing each others secrets, now understood are one and the same.


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The latest Friday Fiction #38 asked for a 250 word story, based upon the following image:



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