King of Pain


As I sat a step beneath him on the stairs of the hallway that led to nothing

tears streaming down my red ravaged face, he lifted my chin to his level.

I could see the emptiness in his face yet it managed to portray  a selfish irritation.

I looked into his eyes, there was no regret,  no concern

he was focused on getting across one point only.

“I want to walk into the room like a king (his pupils dilate) and you a queen (pupils contract back into emptiness). I don’t care about anyone around us, just that they see me that way.”

I looked up towards the dull yellow hall wall near the top of the stairs, the bottom near the molding was smeared with blood.

And with a tone of scolding that was attached to no emotion nor to the reality of the situation  he questioned “Is that going to wash off?”



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