Supreme Court Strikes Down Marriage Act

Now that a few people in California have declared that the word and meaning of marriage, which has been a solid, incontestable definition for ohh over 10s of thousands of years, is no longer valid in its true meaning.

First of all, it’s ridiculous that a handful of average minded people  be allowed to eradicate a word within which resides a  whole mega concept that pre dates the stone age, so by doing this no word on any document is what it is. There is no other word in all of human history besides God that is more recognizable and unchangeable and unquestioning in meaning. Seriously, pre stone age. It’s not a word like apple, which can be changed, this is humanity. For cryin out loud how do you not get that if humans were gay there would be one generation of people and that’s that. It’s so not complicated.

So this DOES mean no written law is valid, no rule, no title, no declaration, no amendments (gun freaks your out of luck cause I’m changing the meaning of your right to bear arms) and for all the millions of people living together in relationships I’d get on the march to your congressperson cause if gays can get the benefits of married people then hell all you guyfriends  and girlfriends in relationships why shouldn’t you? Your in the same exact situation and there’s no argument that well “they are free to marry whenever” nope because the word marriage  has been terminated by a handful of wanna bs popular for the masses that shout the loudest but have absolutely no validity or truth in their cause.

What word is up for the chopping board next? Let’s just declare the month of July “Take any word and make it your own.”


2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Strikes Down Marriage Act

  1. Well, the boundaries of who can and can’t marry have changed continuously throughout history, so you’re factually mistaken in suggesting it’s some eternal, unchanging term. In earlier times, commoners and nobles couldn’t marry, nor people of different religions, nor people of different ethnicity. For the first millennium of Christianity, priests could be married, then they couldn’t, then after the Reformation they could again, and now some can and some can’t. Who gets the final say, religion or the state, has also changed over and over and over. In some countries, theocracies, it’s the religion. In our Republic, it’s the state. Here, you don’t have to be religious to get married, and a church certificate without a state marriage license has no force of law.



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