Just Thinking

I think it is hilarious how the “most brilliant minds” in medicine use a rats brain to conclude findings in medicine that determine their decisions on what exactly fabricated and synthetic drugs will do on and for humans.

So in reality the science community has stated over the span of decades, that a rats brain is equal to a humans or more precisely a humans mind is comparable to that of a rat….. I beg to differ -and I think scientists should be expelled from all research involving “what it is ” that is thought  good in any form for the human race to consume and what not to consume, what is considered good and what is considered not good for humans to do unto themselves.

They should be expelled simply for believing the mind and body have no connection to one another and should absolutely be expelled for believing that abortion is not murder even though an anesthetic (which is used to dull a Living Beings sense of pain..duhhh) is used on the living unborn child before cutting it up and yanking it out of the women, but I’m getting off track….

to my point that scientists are just a bunch of people guessing their way through other peoples lives- and doing a great job at destroying the human race and fabricating a lengthy history of it that makes no sense…Why do sheep follow the pied piper off the cliff?..I’ll never understand



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