Where is the Bible in World History Class

Looking back at grade school and the history that was taught, I do not recall any chapter or week where the life of Christ was taught. I remember Egyptian history with all their gods and symbols. There was a little Greek mythology with their gods and I think that the Roman gods were mentioned when we learned about planets. I can’t remember everything but I do know for a fact Jesus and the true God of the universe was not taught.

I can not understand, when the Bible is factually accurate in every ancient site and event depicted it is literally not included in World History class. Maybe some schools do teach it. I can’t understand why schools have no problem including the teachings about false gods when time lining over histories cultures. Is it because they know they have nothing to fear by doing so? Its not like they have to worry about offending those gods and provoking a famine on the town.

Is it because deep down people know God IS all powerful that they don’t dare teach on something they have trouble believing in and fear the repercussions of their faithlessness showing up in their life?

There are so many amazing true (facts have all been accounted for) stories of people, great and weak, of outrageous battles and glorious victories, of miracles and of sorrows. It is the only book where we can see exactly what it is to be human with all of our strengths and weaknesses. We are today exactly how people 2000 plus years ago where. We just have indoor plumbing and AC. It is in this Book where everything is answered on how to overcome our every day individual and social battles.

It seems so crazy not to have this book as required reading when it contains the most valuable information for our lives. Maybe that is why it is not taught, without it some people know that is what keeps a people down. It is control of the masses so the world does not get to “smart” and jeopardize the exclusiveness some big wigs selfishly hoard.

I can’t think of any reason except fear why the Bible is not included in History class when it has had more impact on the world than any other cultural timeline. Maybe because it is well known that history is full of lies written by various men who altered it for their own gain. I mean how many kids were taught that columbus was a murderous evil person who hacked off the hands and legs of native children? And the USA still celebrates him. You can not lie with the Bible because its all there unaltered for centuries (Of course people manipulate even that cut and dry Word for gain but its not like we can’t check it for ourselves).


3 thoughts on “Where is the Bible in World History Class

    • Time can not be measured. Scientists can’t explain why when a person faints for a second or two when they come to they tell of a dream that lasts hours. Even though people measure time in rocks it does not necessarily mean that “time” was in sync with the solid world. A billion years is but a blink of an eye for God. Time is a cool thing and a subject that stretches the mind to some nifty thinking


      • I agree that time is an illusion, as is life for that matter. But you were musing as to why the Bible has not been respected in the field of history, so I was trying to shed some light on that issue.



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