Oh the whining of Discrimination

I am so so so so fed up with people who cry “discrimination” against people who are in the right, who are absolutely correct with wanting to call out certain groups who are outright backers and practitioners of sin. How has it now become a bad thing to support the moral law, Gods law? If, if people are being persecuted for calling gays out for their so obvious wrong thinking and living, then why is murder not legal?

When will the ridiculousness end? What is the next step? Making murder legal? Well why not? Heck abortion the mask word for murder is legal why not just extend it to people over an inch tall? Seeing how gays and their activists say they can’t help how they feel, and as a human being it is their “right” to be who they want to be. Well a murderer has the exact same argument, and a sin is a sin is a sin!

I can just see it now, the first case of a murderer against the supreme court for their “rights” to act how they want to act and be who they want to be..

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well for all of those who support gays and who rally behind them how the heck can you not rally for murderers? You say it’s not the same thing-it is exactly the same thing it’s just a different kind of “feeling” towards another person.

So what’s it going to be because you can’t be whatever your calling yourself under Christ and be hypocritical at the same time supporting sin and if you support one then you support all sin. So satan or God because there is no wishy washy half assed kind of good. Seriously this craps got to end. No country can withstand a people or government that supports nothing and everything at the same time. Wrong is wrong there are no levels of it. The punishment on this earth can vary but you can’t pick and choose what is wrong just to fit your need to be popular. It is the most ridiculous act a human can make. You don’t look popular you look the fool. Half assed beliefs are a great weakness not a cool factor.

You want to see real discrimination then go to India, Africa, Pakistan and the many other countries where women are beaten to death for getting pregnant from rape or for simply being a women, or to where countries cut womens genitals off and mame their uterus. And you’re seriously out there “fighting” for some persons sex life or the “right” to murder! See how frikn ridiculous it is?-its just plain disgusting and foolish and petty!



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