Next Big Thing

Roll commercial!

Seriously the next must-have technological innovation is here! Get the App called “The Guilt Wiper”.
Simply scan your eyes with the device and relax as the green bar lights up its electromagnetic frequency particle changer that will ionize the insular cortex section of your brain. But it only erases the guilty feelings. Apparently it has no effect on the brains ability to perceive pain levels nor does it impair basic emotions of anger, disgust, horror, sadness and happiness.

No more worrying if you don’t do what your boss says! No worries if you leave your kid in the car while you play some b-ball with the guys! No more worries if you drop that dinner on the floor, pick it up and serve it! No more worries when you cut that driver off causing a 10 car pile up! No more worries when your pet python eats your baby! No more worries for picking on the person way smaller than you-feel like the cool person you believe you are! No more worries when you shoot someone for calling you a name-you tuf guy you! And no more worries for telling your mother in law NO, she can not attend Christmas Diner! And the list goes on and on!!

Some side effects may occur; impaired motor function including but not limited to speech, swallowing and the ability to recognize self awareness and the craving for food.
Sorry no refunds allowed. We are not responsible for any death, illness, divorce, heart breaks, murders or any other act of violence due to absent moral consciousness.
All rights of this commercial are reserved you may not copy and disperse through video a criminal act punishable up to 80 years in prison.

Have a nice day!

Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing



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