Daily prompt: Unconventional Love

Unconventional is defined as deviating from the norm. Something or someone that doesn’t fall in line with majority thought, act, belief or habit.
Unconventional love just may be the norm these days. When it comes to falling in love with another human, people have strayed so far from how that experience was defined for a millennium. Your born, you grow, you are paired with one person and you love them for eternity.
Love is no longer reserved for that one outstanding amazing moment when you give your heart to some one that will hold it and keep it safe until you both die. Now people give their most prize possession away over and over again to various kinds of dubious people each time receiving it back a little smaller than before.
And unless you are one of the few who were taught all about love and who have been lucky enough to find your true love right at the start….
I’d say love today, sadly, is very unconventional and that seems to be accepted as the norm.

From The Daily Post Prompt May 14, 2013


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