Privacy’s gone missing

There are laws allowing freedom of speech, freedom of information, and the right to privacy. “Two of these things belong together two of these things are one and the same….” With speech and information freedoms, just where does the right to privacy belong in such a double standard world? It doesn’t and just like every other law that was sacred and put into place to make people feel safe and comforted, like the Bible, privacy is being banned.
I was trying , really trying to fix my computer that kept telling me my system was in critical shape. One search led to another and when I got to my google accounts for the first time ever I looked past just the simple setting buttons. Holy Cow! I never knew how far google goes to get your information out there. After 2 hours of changing the settings on page after page of security and privacy I came to “Me on the Web.” I could not believe all the return results. These stupid people finder sites had my address and info from when I was in High school. They had me related to and living in multiple sites. I went to some to see about an Opt-out and a lot just gave me this big long shcepl how they just collected what was already out there and I’d have to go to the source. When I checked a source they want you to fill out all of your information! That’s retarded! After another few hours I just gave up because the list was just too long. But here the thing, the web has created nasty companies who could care less about you and the stalkers they provide your information to. They cover the fact that they aren’t legitimate companies by saying “I didn’t steal it from you I found it on the web.” So why can these companies who do harm have the protection of the government while the people who have the right to privacy are told “well that privacy thing its out of date.” We can’t have a country where there are no stable rules in place to protect people. What the government wants to do is make laws so laxe that it stays business as usual not to be interrupted by people’s pidley lives that are now living nightmares. Soon we the people will have no protection and we can’t let that happen. Right to privacy is law made for protection of the good guys not the other way around. The good guys have got to start winning!



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