atheists stuck on themselves

People are just plain old wacky! Now you’d figure atheists wouldn’t give a crap who worships Christ since it has nothing to do with them. How can an atheist get offend by someone teaching and sharing the Word of God to people wanting to hear it. Why would they care? If you don’t believe in anything then you give up your “rights” to get involved with somebody else s faith. They’re just another example of a group of people who want nothing to do with another persons way of life yet they won’t butt out. They’ve got to throw tantrums because their ego can’t take the fact that the whole world isn’t like them. And their acting like this over people who are positive and trying to do good, who have the most loving God to worship who guides their life and who are exciting to share the news. That’s it!
This newest bull is from atheist military group who want the Pentagon to ban the freedom of religion, never mind that its just people having the most positive happy conversations about life. Why are people so offend by others who do good and want to help others? Now isn’t that freaky that the government allows atheists in, they allow atheist organizations in . Now if there is a panic or war I’d be pretty freaked having these people be the guys who are supposed to protect people. They have no morals, values, compassion and who are self centered and bonus they want to harm men in their own unit! Who’d you want in your weapons detail, the man who prays and has the power of God to protect him or the guy who would shoot a guy in his unit because he’s not his follower?



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