Identity Theft

Here’s one of these crimes were the victim loses everything and whose life might be ruined for years after. Identity theft. You here these stories about people getting a bill for a house they “bought” in another site. Elderly who’ve spent their whole life paying of their house suddenly find out that they have a mortgage. You’ve got a house a job a car and one day you have 100,000 $ in bills. You have to lose the house and job and move into a shelter or go back home.
Now this is one of these crimes where no will dispute how stupid it is that the victim pays and pays and whose life is destroyed for being robbed. Everyone will say that’s unfair and if everyone’s saying it than why the heck isn’t getting fixed? 10,000,000 people get their identity stolen a year and its growing. People are paying with their lives for using a system they had nothing to do with creating. Apparently its flawed. Ya Think! Its so typical america!
Well money is not gold its made every day. For the victims just give them their money and save their life then go after the robbers It’s not that hard if you follow the trail even easier if the government hires all the brilliant hacks for the job instead of jailing them for being brilliant and working the system better than the best.
Credit cards aren’t going away. The way we perform transactions won’t go away. Now if we had nice communities everywhere we could walk to whatever place we needed something from and use cash. Apparently the government still doesn’t believe the web is a very dangerous and intrusive place. I’ve never heard of a hacking squad to get these robbers and patrol the internet. Why don’t they care? That’s a whole industry and could create many jobs!
So just give these poor people the money that was stolen. Their just doing business as you told them to and you’ve given us no other choice how to do transactions plus your the ones that demand we have 1800 profiles, sign ups,passwords for every single thing. We literally can’t get information without creating a profile!
What is going on with all the bad guys getting off and the victims tortured even more by the government that’s put in place to protect us!


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