To Russia no love

UntitledWhat do a lot of people do when they are embarrassed about a mistake they’ve made? Instead of owning up to it and saying. yes I/we should have done this a different way, or yes I/we messed up, people try to blame and do place blame on the nearest persons around. The FBI and CIA so clearly were wrong to dismiss the warning from Russia about the Boston terrorists that they are trying to put the blame on Russia for their failure. They say Russia failed to give them more information about the brothers when the FBI and CIA asked back about why Russia felt they should be looked into for extremists.
All I have to say is -When a country calls you up to say Hey you should look into these guys we think they are dangerous to your nation, I think that would be all the information needed to take action! What more did they want Russia to do?? Their (the FBI’s and CIA’s) job??? Seriously usa government stop blaming your inadequacies on other people who frkin gave you information about your own citizens whom you failed to pick up on as being dangerous to usa citizens! How is it too much for you to say thank you Russia! A frikin foreign country did you a neighborly kindness and now your trying to f-that relationship up! How do you not think they are like “well they’re going to be that mean and childish, see how they like it on their own with no help.” What a way to strengthen foreign relations, you’ve already pissed off half the known world -if war does happen who the heck will want to support such ego, ungrateful and childish finger pointing maniacs!

I’d like to apologize to Russia for our governments behavior. And thank them for giving us the heads up about these terrorists.


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