Embarrassing americans continued


So I’ve tapped a bunch of the House Hunters International. As you know I love those shows for showing me beautiful places and fabulous cultures and for cracking me up at the same time watching those really idiotical americans wank on about how americans are used to living in mansions with huge yards and even bigger appliances for around 500$ a month.??

I think the lady who commentates is a little fed up with how disrespectful and arrogant some of these people are too. In one episode she said ” Desperate to meet Gina’s lofty expectations without exceeding her minuscule budget Jose (the Realtor) changes gears…” I thought that was just Brilliant!

I just want to slap these people for including me in their deductions of reasoning that ALL americans have  super-sized greedy expectations when visiting or moving to a foreign country! I’ve developed a certain paranoia when traveling that I AM being looked at and perceived as just another foolish, stupid, selfish american who has no respect for any other culture! and who couldn’t care less than to educate and develop myself further than my own american nose!

 So I say to you out there who are one of those americans, For Heavens sake, STOP  dragging the rest of america into your ignorant world ! Just because YOU are an idiot and know it doesn’t mean  you have the right to include others who aren’t just so that you don’t feel alone in your idiotness!! Stop ruining our reputation for the sake of making your shallow one look good!

And for once an for all america’s english is not the dominate only langue in the world-Stop going to other countries and remarking how you didn’t know how no one would understand english and showing how greatly disappointed you are that the people in FOREIGN countries don’t know how to speak it!! You stupid cow-go back to school and get an adequate education so you can stop ruining the rest of the countries reputation by acting and thinking such enormous foolishness and so you learn that when you travel outside of the usa that it is YOU not Foreigners who need to learn the language of that in which is the country you travel to!


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