America is violence-plain and simple

UntitledI need you to have a really hard in depth look at this. If you were from a different country and came to the usa and was shown everything having to do with the culture here, the movies the tv shows the schools the parents the politicians, the news, what would you think america was obsessed with …..violence. Not only violence but an abnormal,perverse obsession with it. Like a longing a need a passion for it. What action movies do NOT show calamities, bombs, bodies, terrorism and how to build bombs? And hell its cool right? cause its only a movie- What TV station does NOT have shows with murder,terrorism, bodies and blood, directions on how to build bombs? It’s almost as if we crave it (violence) like we want it to happen(that is what you’d think if you were an alien) What schools do NOT have rampant bullying, disrespect and all out obscene lewd behavior? What politician does not just talk talk talk and takes no action, has no loyalty to God nor its people (obama had 3 different types of priests at his inauguration, gay, muslim and catholic-talk about a kiss ass and not a man of moral or truth, hes so worrying about upsetting someone he ends up doing nothing for no one, same political story in every area!) What kind of country protects guns while treating humans as second class citizens, not only that but the continuation of killing sprees by guns in schools has not done anything to make people change their minds about the destruction to human life these things cause, ohh no people sit there and actually bikker, defending the GUN!

Now this person coming from a foreign place looking at all of this would not think that what happened in boston today was anything unusual. With the utter lack of discipline, respect, guidance, boundaries, morals, truth and justice in this country what happens in it….is it really any surprise? And when we get to that point-the point where this isn’t some random act of terror out of the blue anymore because we see it, hear it, sleep it every single day with our media machine we all have got to start to work together and say enough, there has to be a point of discipline we inflict onto this country where its freedoms and liberties have been so abused that these acts have now become a part of our life because in the minds of many-they have that right to feel how they want to feel and if it kills someone its fine because we live in america where the discipline is virtually non-existent -the bed is warm and there are three meals a day and hell, if I don’t like the meals in jail I still can sue.

Wake up wake up and stand up for a change, a change that ends the over stimulating show of lust for violence in this country! You surround yourself with violence what the heck are kids supposed to grow up like? I think there has to be an immediate ban on movies, tv the internet! This freedom of speech thing has gone way too far to a disgusting point that was never intended to be taken too! Speak up it your being abused -shut the heck up if your just going to pollute minds with violence there is nothing to be gained there but the encouragement of violence….And don’t give me any “its not about that its more political than that its blah blah blah…” Wake up to TRUTH! (not you guys sorry getting loud there, you know who I mean)


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