Hollywood Wo…men

Ok, can Hollywood make a movie about a strong women who changed the world at her time, who was a strong leader of nations!! Or should I say is Hollywood capable!!? Capable of putting their egos out of their eye for a minute and face the reality that women, yes women, have gone through and made it through more trials and tribulations, condemnations, persecutions, tortures and unbelievable oppression’s than that of the other sex and all racists put together! It is so far time for some change on the big screen that can highlight a women in a super -not corny, not sleezy nor highlighting her weakness (like the Iron Lady and The Queen did!) Women have done more for people in this world than man, it is just a fact look up your history. Half The Sky (a book about women today and slavery and mutilation by men) would scare the heck out of this county’s men if that was made into a movie -the strength women have today would scare utterly wake the heck out of those people who have a “hard” time believing women are use full. WE have men who still walk around boo hooing about what happened NOT to them while walking presently in present where they are holding alot of cards and whom refuse to use them by continuing to walk around boo hooing instead of doing!
Anyway I’m not a feminist at all believe me!!! I actually have no respect for a lot of them ! They’ve made (some not all) such a joke out of the female race starting in the 60’s. Freedom doesn’t give you a licence to be an idiot! (well I guess it does for a lot of americans we seem really good at shouting for that right) (ok ok, you know I’m not talking about all of us!!! don’t get huffy)

So when can we see history on the big screen that shows how the other half made..History! Actually we all demand it ..right! We all need a break from the same old actors anyway!- And you do know history was made by both man and women, so stop being so racist- Hollywood!!

P.S great going with finally getting some BiBle stories out there in production, gezz those stories have only everything in them a Hollywood movie wants and it’s all true-can’t beat that- Man are you guys way behind in the awesome category for productions and genius scripts-you’ve been crapping out and disgusting us BIG TIME lately!! But you can start redeeming yourself now-it is not to late:)


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