Birth, Time and the Test tube

I have a question. Test tube babies, and frozen eggs,suragant women and everything not conceived naturally
Do those creatures, have a soul? Should we call test tube babies and inplants human? Because its man that’s messing with timing, proper “procedure” and just being careless when it comes to human life. I’d freak out if I learned I was part of an egg frozen for decades – Think about it, when people freeze eggs and stuff, isn’t that messing with the present and future of Time? Because these eggs that are being fertilized some other time other than natural time, then isn’t man messing with events? What if one of those eggs was supposed to be conceived naturally to grow up to be a great peace leader that would change the course of this nation into something wonderful? And instead they were frozen and missed their correct time of birth?
For all of the technology we have we know we are so far behind the success of past civilizations, this is a fact. We are no better off than any other civilization from the past that struggled to survive. We are far behind the most successful civilizations from the past who flourished for 1,000s of years until another “advanced” people s came to upgrade. We are living in a time where we (well scientists, doctors and followers) are realizing that all of our advanced technology is killing us (disease, sickness, poverty brought on by prescription drugs and processed foods, chemical environments, ect. ect.) So what if our advancements have messed up our future, past and present-because egotistical people (men mostly)had to experiment with creating something that is already perfectly created (goes for food and herbs too, they are perfectly created for our needs, yet men say “ohh no I can do it better even though I have a pea brain” and trying to recreate a perfectly created thing is just insane) and made people be born when they shouldn’t have.

So what do you think? Are we messing with Time?



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