Corn and Man

Ok, is anyone else watching the national geographics -America before Columbus? Corn, civilizations, millions of people lived on it and prospered because of it, it enabled people to stay in one place.

Now, more than half of the kids in america (millions) have never seen  corn fields, nor shucked a piece of corn. Pretty messed up! What took generations of people to learn how to grow efficiently -what kept millions of people fed and alive- today’s people couldn’t care less because we have a thing called synthesized food in a can/box that you throw in a microwave (great for your insides) and plop down in front of the tube, woof down and then throw, THROW what you don’t finish … the trash.

so what took millions of people to learn how to grow to enable their survival and that of future generations, those/these generations today could give a poop. Is that not the american way, somebody else works soo hard for anothers leisure, lounging around in disrespectfulness.

who’s the barbarians now


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