Yesteryears Prophecy is Today’s reality

If you’re like me and new (or new but old or old but new) to the BiBle, Charles F. Stanley has a book out–Life Principles Daily Bible; Bibilcal principles for Each Day of the Year….Now before my eyes were re open by God (born again) I had the dardest time reading the Bible. Nothing made sense and it was hard to decipher on my own. So I have a lot of catching up to do and I thought besides having the Bible I’d get other books about it and read-read-read. This book is a read about 15 minutes a day, daily Bible so I’m on April 5, today’s date (the book goes a page or so for each day of the calendar year.) Well today’s passage is from Deuteronomy 31-32:52. Now when you get to Deuteronomy 32 you’ll be blown away because it is like Moses, who is speaking to the assembly of Israel, is speaking to the USA in present time. seriously.

Get the Book read this passage. I’ve never read anything from 2,000 years ago (except the Bible, and like I said I’m catching up, I know there are many examples of prophecies being filled now that were foretold then but this is the first time I read it on my own instead of hearing it from a Leader on TV, the whole 9/11 and the rock they used and the tree they planted after it happened ! That is a crazzeee example, but anyway) that I felt was written, like, yesterday!

Deuteronomy 32.!!!!!!!

P.S I’m having so much fun reading the Book, because now the words don’t seem all jumbled. I now I’m a late bloomer but I am soo happy that I am finally getting it! And what is cool about reading this inparticular book is that you know millions are reading it right along with you!


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