Stick up for our Faith and Family

There is nothing more fun than telling the truth!-it sets you free, surprises your enemies and shuts up your critics.


I thought I have a unsettling kind of feeling now and again not knowing about my own relatives farther back than a couple of generations and always felt a kind of left outness when I hear of other families long traditions or of handing down wonderful advice and guidance and love. Can you imagine being an asian baby adopted by two men or two women and having to grow up not knowing ANYTHING about your heritage or tribe or clan. Again, no wonder why millions of people are growing up utterly confused and conditioned to believe …in nothing and are encouraged to  experiment with all kinds of self indulgent wreckless and harmful not only to themselves but everyone else they involve into their lie-ful feelings- Until they are told the truth about humanity and about our Lord and Savior, there will be a knawing so large within people they wont have room to think about anything else except for lying to (brainwashing) people to be just like them and a majority of the world will fall away blindly following devils for immediate gratification but with eternal pain and loneliness. I know ! I was left growing up with lies and brainwashed to such an extreme point and there was no choice in school for people who wanted to read the Word of  God and read all about the most important stories ever given to man-there was no where for someone seeking help outside of the world their families to learn the real truth, not some man made up way. People don’t want the Bible around because they fear it, because it is such a powerful Word. There is no other reason than that. People are afraid of the power of truth to life. There really is no other reason, what would be the reason for taking out a book so rich, so full of knowledge, what other book can compare? It doesn’t teach evil! Or harmful stuff soooooo???  No one can choose for someone else what THEY believe is acceptable when it falls outside of the law of God. Why is same sex being taught in schools over the love of Jesus? You can’t take the Bible out and replace it with the idea of homosexuality as being “what all kids should learn about  in the world.” That is just insane and to believe that none of us has the power to stop this incredible wave of insanity is also insane  For those of you who have kids in school or nieces and nephews brothers and sisters don’t let a “system” brain wash your family. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to accept something that is not the Bible, something that is against the Law. Don’t let anyone tell you because they say it is the “fair” thing to do. No, the fair thing to do is to guard your soul. The fair thing to do is to openly live by the law. We don’t conform to evil! We don’t sit back and let evil in the room because it’s the “fair” thing to do-Enough is Enough; Evil out; Truth and life in!!

And I’m just as guilty for sitting back-when my eyes were closed I was a pushover for evil. I think a lot of christians are that way. And I’ve heard it before “i’m just one person, what can I do?” It takes only one . And then one and one make two and two and two make four and then there are more and more and you find you are not the only one anymore.




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