Money go loop de loop

Happy Wednesday!

I’m sure all of us who aren’t millionaires or billionaires are wondering why the heck there is soo much poverty in America (I can’t talk for other countries ) What if the people making money or who have inherited money or who have come into money aren’t good at giving out the money? The system set up for giving, like charities, foundations, balls, galas, ect ect. just do not work. And like so many other systems set up in america over a long extended period of time that don’t work in favor of the people-nothing changes! How long is human history of fantastic examples of systems set up by a few to benefit the many that completely fall apart leading to the downfall of the system??? Humans are on a continuous carousel  The bright lights, music and shiny things distract from the purpose every single generation lays out! We are no smarter than humans 10,000 ago when it comes to leadership. We just have more shiny useless things. Ok getting way off point. We know that Mr. apple guy is smart-computer, techno smart. and he probably surrounds himself with other techno smart people but it might just be for all of the 10s of billions $ he has, he and his posseyy may not be “giving” smart. I don’t mean he doesn’t know how to give, the guy gives 100s of millions away, and that is my point.

When will enough money be enough? Its not an argument about the haves and have nots, its a legitimate question that asks if the people making the money and the people who are working for the people making the money to help give it away-just aren’t money giving smart?

(heres a little statistic  california says it spends $ 10,000 on each kid for a school year. In another part of the world it takes about $300 . Now we know  that americas average  national  educational level is that of an 8th grader and is at a 30%  LOWER level than in the 1930s.   Its just a little example on money being spent and the results are actually producing less of the desired effect than ever before).



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