Crazy americans

oppe opppe   there go the  crazy americans again !  Good old “house hunters international”  have this couple from the usa moving to Belgium…on $750 a month.  And they expect the world but of course, they are American. The realtor   says  they might have to settle for a studio sized apartment, and the couple says….” a small studio is do- able probably a lot smaller though for what we americans are used to in the states.”  Then she says “its different here, every one walks or bikes, back in the usa everyone drives everywhere.” She says that so innocently like it is an anomaly to see humans in physical action.   I love this show ! For one I love seeing all the neat places in this world to live and what it would be like if you wanted to visit or move there but secondly it is watching Americans being, well American ..clueless.

Now not all americans are clueless don’t get all bent out of shape thinking I’m putting my country down. But some movers are a little bit outside of reality, they must watch a lot of cable. Anyway do you think HGTV scripts some of these people? Because seriously they can’t be that ignorant to what things cost and how much to expect for x amount of dollars.  I can’t quite believe how many americans think for 800$ a month they think they can get 3 rooms a nice kitchen a yard ect. ect.  Most apartments in the usa don’t start being nice until you reach 1,500$ a month!… This has to be scripted! (laugh- laugh- laugh) and age and intelligence   isn’t a  factor so its not a young thing nor an older thing.


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