Easter after

Well the commercialized day for easter is over but Jesus is forever and ever. I hope this year you grew wiser and more spiritual realizing just how ridiculous it is to have the symbol of a bunny in place for the symbol of the Cross-there is no comparison and in a bind who are you most likely to call upon; peter cotton tail or the all mighty Lord? Commercialized holidays are a great way for the devil to mix with us, like a mixer-you bring your soul he’ll bring the chocolate bunny and eggs-not a very good bargain. Until I was born again I never saw how ridiculous the americanized easter is. When I was a child my “christian” parents encourged me to write a letter to the easter bunny for my wish of a real rabbit. Every year I’d write it hoping I’d find one under my surprise easter basket on easter sunday. I actually wrote letter after letter to that rabbit asking him and explaining to him why I wanted a rabbit and listed each good deed I had done and planned to do over the next year .Obviously there is no easter rabbit and the fact that my “christain” parents encouraged me to think that and to write to IT (letters I, at the time believed were private between me and the rabbit which makes it even more disgusting to me now looking back on these people reading my pleas to a fake idol that they allowed me to believe so strongly in while making sure everyone knew they were going to early sunrise easter service) in place of praying silently and privately to God to talk over my 5 year old deli…mas makes my skin crawl.  The fact that they allowed such hypocrisy and idolatry to grow in my innocent heart (all kids are innocent)KNOWINGLY  is just actually heartbreakingly disgusting -yet another check mark on the list of  explaining what its like to be “raised in a intact dysfunctional family with both parents who are, not were, are,psychopaths.  the fact that My mother to this day on easter still asks “was the easter bunny good to you” is incredible. I watched the Bible yesterday (easter day) and everyone leaves the room, I paused on  the channel with “Shrek Ever After”  on and they come back in . But I’m a part of a  “christian” family.

And I am guilty of putting that rabbit out there for decorations and talking to kids like the rabbit was a real thing instead of telling them the truth for worry it might upset them and also it wasn’t my place to tell them that some human made up this bunny story who leaves painted eggs all over the place and cheezy candy in super cheezy cheap baskets which by the way your mom and dad put together after they argue over who is going to put the dam basket together after you go to bed, dad wanted to get the one at the drugstore but mom said that’s so impersonal and besides there’s too much candy in those things but  dad doesn’t care because he’s not the one left watching you when the  cheetos  run out and he’s gone for hours looking for an open store (meanwhile hes down at the bar with the other dads also on a cheetos run)  And just where do all of those left over hard  bioled eggs go too ? Well there are only a billion hungry people in the world I ‘m sure your mom and dad left a basket at their local shelter on the way home because you know how they always say “sharing is caring.”

But now I see so clearly.  I see how ignorant I was and still am, I see how  totally conditioned a people we are even though we go to great, sometimes ridiculous lengths to prove to everyone just how free we are. The whole world looks to america and either laughs at how free we think we are or they think wow its so good to be free like an american.  And just like every other americanized holiday the true meaning gets shuffled under the idol of the dollar , which leads to aches and pains every single time.  This season let alone everyday is the most important, even more so than  christmas because in this season of death and resurrection comes the whole reason you and I have hope! Without the death of Jesus none of us on this whole planet would have hope or joy or the excitement of life or the chance to better it . How many people can go one day without thinking one stray sinful thought ? And if you make it a day, how about a week? A year? Your whole life? Before Jesus, in our death satan would be right next to us before the Lord pointing out every commandment we broke over our life and that would be it-straight to hell.

So my hope for everyone including  myself is to keep striving to break those conditioned traditions and now commercialized holidays that worship NOT what our Lord has blessed us with but just how much of the commandments we can break with our idolization of the dollar and our lust for something bigger and better and new and shiny-because there is nothing,nothing more important in the whole universe more than our saved soul and our God who gave all of us His Son with hope and forgiveness to try to live an amazing life no mater how many times it takes to correct our mistakes, our sins.



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