Children of God

I am watching the Bible, and it brings me to another subject with “do church go’ers and priests, reverends from all of the different religions that are in it for the same thing even read the Bible before throwing stones at glass house? –The word “bastard” or “illegitimate” are obsolete words. Everyone knows that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. The King of Kings, Gods only Son. Now God could have chosen a married couple and the women would have never of had to face such animosity and betrayal of love from her family and friends who were so quick to judge her (and I’m sure they called themselves religious people). But once again God shows us He is a God of the people, of all people. You need not be under any kind of label (rich or educated within a building, ect. ect) to be able to receive Gods love, Promise and Forgiveness. It doesn’t mater how you came into this world -you are a child of God and no one has the right to stick some man made up  label on you OTHER than that.

2 thoughts on “Children of God

  1. Great post! We are all children of God. The only identity we should accept is that identity which God gives us: children of God. We are friends of Christ. We are the bride of Christ. God planned this all before we were even conceived! All other labels are lies which have no place next to the Light that is Jesus. God has many great plans and promises for us (as is evident in the Bible). Let us proclaim the love of God over our lives.



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