Definitions and Killing the English Language

If gays are whining about the definition of Marriage (one man one women) wanting it redefined to fit their needs, than NO word in the english language will have any value, because if you take one word that’s been in use for 1,000s of years and change it simply because of fear that you will upset a people who are in the wrong and who are reaping such havoc and harm to the earth (i mean jeez, getting so pissy over a word that is not for gays to use to begin with!) than absolutely no word is what it means.
So if marriage is redefined than we americans can take any other word we want and bend it to fit our need!! and then english is useless, laws are useless, phd’s are useless, positions of society are useless, and now we will have a dead language and honesty behind the word spoken from an american is now not honest at all but a lie. You can’t change one word to fit the need of one group without all of the other peoples in this country wanting the same “fair” treatment.
Am I explaining this right? You understand what I’m saying right?

P.S for crying out loud if people would put half of their energy into bettering our education system as they do over going to to lengths up to the supreme court to have a word,,,,, A WORD changed then our country would be full of such knowledgeable,brilliantly filled minds, imagine what we peace we could achieve and how much pain we could eradicate!


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