Why your Dr. could be wrong for you

Hello Friends,
The struggle for herbs to make their way back into our lives as our natural and normal aids of healing is making steady headway into the mainstream of civilian life . I think people are finally getting that we live in a democracy not a dictatorship and we don’t have to do what some one tells us to just because they have letters after their name and some cheap plaques on their office walls confirming they could read and write and past some tests anyone could do if they studied hard too. You see the country is not utilizing people’s gifts and talents in the most beneficial ways. People are growing up to be someone they weren’t meant to be, carpenters are working at walmarts, teachers are pumping gas at the corner store, some lawyers should be working at shoprite and some dollar store managers should be supreme court judges, I mean how much evidence does one need to realize things are greatly amiss in our country and we are all paying such severe penalties with our life’s by giving them into the hands of people who have no business caring and advising you in your life!!!
Example; a Dr. becomes one simply for the “prestige”, the money or family pressure. How many Dr.s dreamt of helping people, healing them through natural course and really get to/ want to know their patients inside out soul, mind, heart and character? Not one Dr. I’ve been to and they’ve been over 50 in a decade believed that your soul, mind, heart, environment family, people, rain or snow ,heat or intense cold or your job could have anything to do with your ailments as prescription after prescription for chemicals whose side effects included death-were prescribed. Not one believed the in the impact of negative stress and what it can do to your system as it breaks down all the feel good neurons and breaks down the happy transmitters preventing them from reaching their destiny which is to make you feel whole and happy and motivated and able to cope with stress and rebuild, recharge and regain your health. My stress was so severe it affected the nerves in my arms so such and extreme i could not straighten them out and the burning pulsating pain was never-ending. Not one Dr. could “figure out” what this pain was, which by my research and own healing found it was nerve pain due to stress and my adrenals were so fatigued it was making my whole internal system crash.
I was prescribed junk that focuses on a section of the problem, NOT the foundation and by doing that -that actually causes more problems because now the “bandaid” is preventing another part of the system from working properly and now you have more un needed symptoms blowing your internals out of whack! I’ve found from observation, guiny-pigging, news articles and media “breaking news” that most Dr.s should be plumbers. They should be maintenance men because they understand pipes and leaks and how to patch that straight forward stuff up, they’re able to follow the written directions that are the same for every pipe. Unlike a human who has 1000s of lines of nerves, tissue, muscle, arteries and so on and so on. Not one human is the same as another and not one symptom is straight forward.
The number 1 cause of death in this country is from Dr. mistakes. Now before Dr.s get all high on them selves and defensive it is not all of your fault it works both ways but in the end YOU are the responsible party since this is your JOB!! The other side is the FACT that people DO NOT know themselves, they do not investigate their own symptoms, they do not listen to their own body. How can you allow someone who does not know you, who has maybe 5,000 other patients, who looks at some paper that has such insufficient questions written on it and expect to understand what you are trying to describe when YOU don’t even know?
Do not let anyone tell you what they think is wrong with YOU–if you disagree!!! Speak up, and if they give you shit(which I have received snotty remarks from Dr. and even have been “let go” as a patient for doing my own investigation into my own body and researching intelligently on my ailments. You can read the same medical books Dr.s use, you just have to substitute the ridiculous terms they use for the simple nouns they are describing. And so to wrap this up I spent a decade trusting Dr.s who in the end have caused me more problems that I am working very hard to reverse the effects and the most infuriating fact I discovered was that if just one Dr. told me to take an indispensible invaluable and most important mineral, herb and vitamin; magnesium and vitamin c and ashwagandha (the most incredible,life saving, powerful, amazing, positive herb around! used for centuries by the most intelligent and hardworking people in history) my life would have been so different, so many mistakes and pain would have, not could have but would have never crossed my path and I would never have lost so many precious years to pain and anguish ending up losing so much– if just one Dr. these so called “experts” knew the basics of medicine. And so I and millions like me lose a part of their life, years to these people who we see as “authorities” on the subject of US and who are in fact NOT and they get off scott free, getting paid and awarded for their mistakes, while new patients keep pouring in without knowledge of these Dr.s records and ignorance..
Please Look at the alternative to your Dr. which is medicine and excercise that has been around since time began and has kept every specie on this planet alive and well —-up until modern medicine, usa medicine began fooling with mother nature and chemicalizing us to death.



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