sleeping passion is my flower

Hi! Just want to throw out one of my most favorite herbs to uses! Passion Flower. Now I’ve had insomnia since always and have used ambien and lunesta since it came out but even they only worked for 2 hours at most and actually I was in a severe car accident one morning after falling asleep at the wheel driving 45 mph smashed right into a car stopped at a red light. It was because I had taken ambien 7 hours earlier without effect. I just can’t sleep-it’s almost as if I don’t know how too and it does have to do with the night terrors I’ve experienced since I was like 2 so I’m betting subconsciously I don’t want to close my eyes.
Well I cam across passion flower while searching for a stress reliever and whollleee camollleeee! Now I’ve had zanax for stress and hate the side effects-passion flower is wayyyy better with absolutely no side effects! SO you can use it during the day if you need to chill and or at night when you want to sleep. I take the tincture it works better for me this way and I take it with magnesium (nerve pain miracle worker and muscle relaxer,and youth maker) and vitamin c and d.

So If you have trouble sleeping and don’t want to take stupid meds or want to get off stupid meds try this at night before bed–passion flower is also used to alleviate withdrawal from alcohol and pain meds.
It is an amazing nerve calming sleep aid!!

Another one of God’s Gifts your Dr. won’t know about/refuses to know about or will be mad at you for trying-Boooo hooo it’s your Health! And its been in use for 10,0000of years and here we are….Proof enough!!!


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