The Hamster Wheel of (False) Beauty

Happy Teusday!

Yesterday I was rattling on about the nonsense of beauty product companies and I forgot to  wrap it up with the point in my mind that had originally crrossed it.

The beauty industry have brainwashed people so much into thinking they need to be someone other than they are people are on this constant hampster beauty regime wheel.

Older women/men (in some industries this could be as young as 30) try to, by spending billions of $ and hours that literally add up to months of their life,  and believing – through the mags, movies ect. that highlight only about 25 “beautiful” looks out of 7 billion to look 20 because a handful of companies NOT run by the wisest, smartest and kindest of humans tell us that this is what we should all look like for our whole life which is absolutely insane and impossible -Even scientist for all of those who believe they are the know it all of the world, know this is an impossibility!!!!!

Sooo  while we  miss out on our real current, present age, we will grow older, try harder to look younger and before we know it we are 80 years old looking back to age 40 and think “why the heck did I not just enjoy the beauty of LIFE? why did I waste all of that money and years of my life trying to impress people who are now gone or dead?”

And that is the  original thought that wooshed across my mind-the beauty hamster wheel.


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