Proof Beauty (99.%) Companies are full of balony


For one thing we aren’t the stupid consumers beauty cosmetic companies make us out to be…..or are we?

We all know that the commercials, adds, Vogue, Cosmo, blah blah ect.ect. magazines that try to sell us (and they do as they are like what like a gabillion dollor a year industry?-first clue they don’t work) creams-lotions-potions that will fix wrinkles, crinkles and crows kah -kah feet show just only/only just girls in their teens to 20s and any one over that is a celebrity and even then there is only one or two over 40 50-60 and no 70 or 80 year olds.

So heres the thing : IF COSMETICS WITH ALL OF THEIR SYNTHETIC CRAP IN THEM WORKED : then the adds, commercials, vogues, cosmos, ect ect.. would prove this by putting women in, on, in front of and all over covers, billboards, commercials and products whom had been  been using their products and were showing off their glowing skin 5-10-15- 20 years later (props to the barley there Olay add that does do a 10 year update on 1 person) and would quit using anyone under 25 or even 30. We are sooo not fooled into thinking that real young women and girl models have wrinkles we are sick of you trying to explain your “youth in a jar” lotion to 30-40-50+ year olds on the airbrushed models 18 year old face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to tell you about coconut oil, emu’s oil, an apple a day, honey, moche tea, ashwagandha or rhodiola, MAGNESIUM, VITAMIN C ,B’s, Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera Juice. I’ll explain these true youth workers and keepers under my health section and for you who know about their amazing properties Keep on taking God’s youth found in nature products and for those who don’t know–hang on to your hats because these and other things are the most amazing easiest and life saving body beautiful inside and out keeping wonders for you! And the best stuff to keep you young and healthy and happy besides love and true friends is the things that God planted in the EARTH!  Just the money you’ll save and how you will feel on the inside as its working its healing for whatever it is that your body needs healing, that will come out amazing looking on your outside. You’ll learn things your Dr.s refuse to tell you or simply are ignorant of it because their brains have only the capacity to believe in mans synthetic lab where it grows  crap. Look it like this Beautiful women, strong women smart, genius women and  the strongest  most ambitious family protective men  came from a time where no one ingested synthetic crap  and they have lived for 10s of 1,000 of years on the earth- if any of God’s earth food was NOT healthy for them then we would not be here today frkn arguing with these supposed “smart” people of science about how you can’t improve on Gods perfection and our standing here all of these centuries later by our ancestors living off of the land  is proof!ashwagandha3



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