God and Blame

Hello Saturday-nighters!

Just a thought that swoshed by in my head.

some people  blame God for  mans lifes mistakes:  cruelty/death (man pulls the trigger, makes the gun or whatever weapon that takes a life ) accidents (which unless you fall off of a cliff or drown, you get the picture, is the result of man made things) natural disasters  (which is just like acting like humans -when our bodies don’t move for awhile they get sore and ache and the only way to feel better is to move.    or example 2.- we have to poop in order to expel the yucky  stuff which makes our tum tums feel better.. also some natural disasters are the direct cause of mans mistakes)….

well I just thought it’s a silly thought to have,blaming God and wanted to say so out loud:)

I could go on but you’d get booored! and I ‘m tired, here’s to hoping for a nightmare free night and a morning well slept!  Pip Pip Cheer-e-O



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