Good Reads is Bad news


I was going to add goodreads to my blog. I had installed it on here and made a profile that I’m now trying to delete. Now here is a perfect example of people (me in this instant) blindly supporting a company that caters to evil just because they (the company) don’t want to “leave any body out” or offend anybody……well Booo Hooo!
It’s amazing how easily we lower ourselves simply for the sake of not hurting someone else’ s feelings and look how we get bullied into believing we are racists or prejudice or how we are unfairly treating someone/thing just because we won’t include them or endorse them. Well Boooo hoooooo hooo!
This is what I mean, I went onto goodreads to put the Bible on my “shelf” and guess what came up? I’m sure you can guess because I’m not writing that name on my blog. And that book had a few thousand “likes.” Instantly that made me just sick and furious that this company would even have that kind of book available in their catalog. There is no other reason than goodreads supports hatred. There is no other reason because any company that says they are against violence and evil would not carry such a book.
I’m asking you too to boycot and take down your goodreads account and add an email to them why!
Will you? This is how we can begin to take back control over our lives by refusing to let any evil in it, in any form! Its a simple way for us to say that we will not tolerate such evil crap in any form or size in our life and we will not be like the rest of the sheep who conform to the idea that everyone and every belief has to be included or else we’re the bad guys! How can we be the bad guys when we are the ones who refuse to support ..BADness! Pretty messed up twisted thinking people manipulate us with.
It’s crazy how many companies or people we support who have no problem profiting from evil while proclaiming just how much they “help” the general public.

So goodreads is very bad and I’m taking a stand to shout out for Peace–We have the power and control to stop as much evil as we can from seeping into our lives no mater how small–evil is evil is evil and I don’t want anymore of it in this world!
Thank you



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