Wakeyy Wake


Rise and shine, its a new day that could be your last, you never know so what are you going to do?

Ephesians 5:14 (paraphrased) Wake up, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you, so don’t live like a fool nor follow fools, use every chance you have to do good, speak to others in happiness and positivity, make music in your heart and spread joy.

Its time we all completely wake up and live the best life we can. We need to stop following and allowing crap to rule our lives! We have to stop letting hypocrisy run over our lives . We have to stop fearing making others uncomfortable with our truths about life and start raising our voices louder than the ignorant heard. Don’t care what everyone else believes if its wrong then don’t be a lazy daisy hitching a ride on the slave train! Get up, stand up, just dance and lift your neighbor up with a smile, don’t talk trash about strangers and gossips like little stupid big girls do. How much greater is pure love and pure truth than the false-ity of the ignorant, hey it feels wonderful to go against the grain when its for God because you’ll always win and He always has your back, unlike humans who crave more to stick a knife in it than to pat it.

Yeeehaaaa! Have a fabulous Sunday



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