not a groupie just a lover of muszac

I’m watching Nashville, which I absolutley love clare and sams voice! The singing is fab and the songs are cool. I love bands that play in small clubs where only a handful of people can sit and listen to some great real, deal, feeling music. I’ll never go to a katie perry show because that is just what it is. you can’t sit back and let the words sink in as the melody takes you away to some far off land. Whenever I went to concerts and hung out back stage or on the bands bus it always amazed me for how much they talked about “groupies” and how annoying and wacko they can be and how much they value their time away from them, they dislike or should I say get turned off just as much from people who could care less about how popular they are or how many cd’s they’ve sold. You get ignored if you didn’t act in “awe” of them kissing, drooling all over their shoes. A lot of them have this complex where they think non band people have no idea what it takes to be an ar-teast and that the creative process is reserved only for cd-sellers. So with that said I’d love to see an influx of small joints open up across the country where we can go, grab a chair, listen to some cool tunes, actually see the instruments being played and being played by gifted musicians (no equalizer, equazers, enhancers yatee, yattee) and meet other great, creative- minded soul- filled -souls.



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