Gun Gun everywhere a gun gun

ohhh gail gail, I just saw you on some silly news station and tried to comment but they make the freedom of speech right so friken hard to assert! Ok so you want to put a band-aid on the real problem or your afraid to takle the real problem because you know you’re a part of the problem. Guns and babies don’t mix. I know of no parent who’d wish to have their babies imagination associated with mommies holding guns. Guns and infants= higher percentage of humans growing up with violent tendicies. So lets takle the real problem—Parents. Not all parents actually connect bad manners, pouty mouths, fighting ,screaming, belittling and bulling with bad parenting. I know hard to beleive. Well why don’t we aim all those millions/billions spent on war into teaching parents that love is the answer and to get off of the selfish horse and start raising kids to be the most amazing,compassionate,creative and intelligent human beings they can be! They really are the future of our world they are the one who will be running it in our lifetime so I don’t no about you but I want my leaders to be fabulous not damaged souls who grow up with mommy holding a gun waiting just waiting for someone who wasn’t loved as a child (parents fault) to break into the house!!! Love really does make the world a better place.



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