Crying Baby - no money?



It really doesn’t seem possible that in this “modern world full of brilliantness” that there are millions, MILLIONS of hungry, jobless, homeless stressed out sick humans! How do you “lose” your house! That should be an unanswerable question.
You get some land (freely given to us by God, only man would charge for something given to them for free) build a house, grow your food, and keep your environment clean. Yes clean  because you don’t “poop” in a glass and give it to your kid at dinner do ya? Didn’t think so yet that’s what we do everyday only we dump our poop in waters so we don’t have to look at its grossness..sorry off track! Anyway Bing bang boom! There you go happy people living life under their own hand.
But you throw some paper labeled different degrees of valuable by the number on it and you get a ridiculously hard life full of outrageously stupid and deadly side effects caused by a puny piece of paper we all worship and are historically and presently bound in chains because of it.
Freedom, liberty and justice for all should not come with a P.S attached with xyz times a trillion attachments.. It’s so crazy how our countries fundamental beliefs are founded on “buts” and clauses, P.S’s and except for’s that cause a whole nation (the whole world) such grief. Now what would you rather worship? Something that proves over and over through out history just how much suffering it causes or God? Whose amazing grace has saved more humans and spread more love than any other person, law, thing or subject you could retort upon.



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