Don’t get stuck within the narrow

I could never figure out why I was so unhappy. Why I kept falling into the same miserable ruts with relationships and why family support was nill. Of course everything that happened was my fault. I could be mugged and dripping blood showing up on my families doorstep and the first thing they’d say would be, “what did you do? This doesn’t just happen, you must have done something.”   I just couldn’t get it. Here I was living within a “loving” family who believed they were good because they believe in God yet the God I know would not say that to any child who just went through hell no fault of their own. This made for years of torment in confusion. How could love be so cruel? And what is  real love? If my family is supposed to be the model of real love than maybe I am the one with problems? But I couldn’t, wouldn’t accept that logic. It took the 1,000 twilight zone like altercation between my family and I for me to get what God had been trying to show me for my lifetime. This time instead of retreating within a flood of tears and frustration my mind slowed done to where it seemed like time stood still as hundreds of memories with unresolved questions came flooding back all at once, this time they came with all of the answers. And with that the mind and heart aren’t shackled anymore to the nonsense of this world humans create that keep us all bound to a level lower than what we are born to tread. Keep off of the narrow, there is light all around you.



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